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halfal is currently offering ONE single plan, which returns investors 5% daily of their initial deposit for 30 days.

In order to invest and grow your bitcoins, make a payment of 0.001 or more to 1NEm9WgNmBmLHbaBv1VLVNkC3xG6nyd6W

Daily return payments will be sent back to the originating bitcoin account.



Frequently Asked Questions

In order to invest, you need send Bitcoins to the account provided above (1NEm9WgNmBmLHbaBv1VLVNkC3xG6nyd6W). It is important you invest directly from your bitcoin wallet, not from an exchange, because all return payments are sent back to the original account the initial transfer was made from. In case you are unfamiliar how to obtain bitcoins or how to obtain a wallet, please check out this guide to get started.

In order to change return address of your investment, you have to send us a signed request by email, signed with the address the investment was sent from. Please learn more about signing by clicking here

If sender does not contact us immediately, it will be considered as donation. Sender must sign his/her message with the address the bitcoins were sent from.
Halfal main page image

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